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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga It has the smaller screen, longer battery life of a tablet, and the keyboard can be tucked away when not needed for video chatting with kids and grandkids. Yet the Yoga also has the faster computing power and additional software typically available in a laptop. Dell Inspiron They are meant to be light, fast and powerful. This reader will only allow predetermined users access to the system, leaving less likelihood for intruders and those with ulterior motives to gain unauthorized access. It also has a Blu-Ray drive and 3 GB graphics, so you can send and view all the photos of grandchildren you want.

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Dell computers have a long standing reputation for quality, and their laptops are no exception. They offer good value for the features offered, and customers often rate them highly. The Dell Inspiron is a good machine at a price many can afford. This laptop offers most of the features people are looking for in a laptop at a low price compared to other systems. Buying a new laptop is a large investment and should be considered carefully. A little research in the beginning will help you to be happy with your investment.

You have shared useful details, but with that i think one must do not make the assumption that spending a lot on a laptop means it is better. This is certainly not always true.

We got my husbands father a beautiful made for seniors laptop from a plus senior computer. It came ready to goright out of the box. He took to it right away which surprised all of us, check it out we were very happy. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Top 10 Laptops for Seniors 1. Pros Windows 8 operating system Pros HP Envy 17 Laptop Pros 1 TB hard drive Windows 8 operating system For most people, smartphones are used as portable personal computers since they are able to connect to the Internet, run software applications, and allow you to do most of the things on a personal computer.

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A laptop computer, also known as a notebook, is a single box that opens up like a clamshell, with the monitor on top and keyboard and mouse below. Laptops are convenient in that they are portable and in addition to a power cable it also uses battery power, which can last for a number of hours. IoT and Seniors - With technology rapidly progressing to make our lives easier, it's easy to get lost in it all.

Read this guide to learn what the Internet of Things is and how it can help you. Read More. Where do you start? Good news, there are lots of places for seniors to go and get computer literate. If you have a family member grandkids are naturals!

AARP Laptops For Dummies by Dan Gookin (ebook)

If not, then there are several choices out there. Here are some of the best resources available to seniors who want to know their way around computers. Visit your local library or bookstore. Some are quite simple to follow and written specifically for seniors such as the Visual Steps and For Dummies series of books.

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You can also order these books online at sites like Amazon. If you already have access to a computer and can use the Internet then there are several online services that offer technology lessons and instructional videos while allowing you to go at your own pace. Another free website that teaches seniors basic computer skills is TechBoomers. If you can afford to pay for an online series, try Geekatoo. Using a computer can let you stay informed, share information, organize your schedule, do your banking, find and listen to your favorite music, watch old episodes of your favorite shows and films, the list goes on.

Indeed, with all the resources and help available you may find yourself becoming a technical expert sooner than you think. You will probably be able to find a local workshop or class for seniors right in your own community.

Indeed, there is a great demand for such types of courses. TEK workshops are free of charge to the public.

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They offer technology learning events on tablets or smartphones across various cities throughout the U. LLIs offer many courses to retirees and some may include technology courses. You can also search the websites of Osherand Elderhostel. They are two organizations that support approximately LLI programs nationwide.

This organization offers a variety of basic online computer courses geared at seniors.

AARP Laptops For Dummies

They also offer instructor-led workshops at 36 learning centers throughout the United States. Visit SeniorNet. Offering free computer and digital technology classes at local senior centers, church halls, public libraries or employment centers, across 30 U. You can visit them on OasisNet.

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They can be reached at or online at www. It may sound fancy and unrealistic to some, but it is not that hard to become tech savvy seniors. Give it a chance and let technology show you what it can do for you. Having a smart home can make life so much easier. Learn more about how the Roomba Vacuum can help keep your floors clean without you dragging around a heavy vacuum cleaner.