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Partakers of the divine nature: the history and development of deification in the Christian tradition. Raidt Halfweghuis:Southern-Boekuitgewers. Harrison, Entitled opinions about life and literature , iPodcast Stanford. Een onderzoek naar de wortels van 'die blanke baasskap' in Zuid-Afrika. Cahiers Sociale geschiedenis. Ongepubliseerde PhD-proefskrif: Universiteit van die Vrystaat.

Dorp in het onderveld. Zuid-Afrikaanse verhalen. Praamstra, Olf samensteller. Referaat tydens die agste internasionale konferensie oor "Assessing Quality in Higher Education". Edited by S. A belt around the world: A world building on education, lifelong learning and technology: Afestschrift honoring Nasser Sharify, onder redaksie. A descriptive and exploratory towards a spiritual intelligent transactional model of organisational communication. A fine young man: what parents, mentors and educators can do to shape adolescent boys into exceptional men.


A frameworkfor strengthening citizen-government partnerships for monitoring frontline service delivery. A history of Egyptian mummies: And an account of the worship and embalming of the sacred animals by the Egyptians: With remarks on the funeral ceremonies of different nations, and observations on the mummies of the Canary Islands, of the ancient Peruvians, Burman priests, etc. A history of the end of the world: how the most controversial book of the bible changed the course of western civilisation. A mental model for successful interdisciplinary collaboration in curriculum innovation for information literacy.

A national search for elements of and contributors to an institutional quality ethos: Report on the HEQC's national capacity building workshop for Quality Directors of South African higher education institutions. Internal report. A proposal for undergraduate curriculum reform in South Africa: The case for a flexible curriculum structure.

A proposed model of satisfaction-attitudinal loyalty-behavioral loyalty chain: exploring the moderating effect of trust. A revolution of the mind: radical Enlightenment and the intellectual origins of modern democracy. A search for elements of and contributors to an institutional quality ethos: Report on symposia involving academic and academic development staff at the University of Johannesburg. A semiotic analysis of Genesis A semiotic theory and method of analysis applied to the theory of the Garden of Eden.

A story-based language enrichment programme for Grade 4 English second language learners with inadequate English proficiency: Ongepubliseerde doktorale verhandeling. A voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, towards the Antarctic polar circle, round the world and to the country of the Hottentots and the caffres from the year Address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, n.

Vatican Information Service. Adjusted performance requirements in musico-stylistic conversation strategies for the Cape Malay Nederlandslied.

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Adolescence: Its psychology, and its relations to physiology, anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, religion and education. Adolescents' experience and coping strategies with parental substance addiction within a rural farming community: A social work perspective. Adopting full dollarization in postconflict economies: Would the gains compensate for the losses in Liberia? Advice by the interim education working party in the light of the report by the main committee of the HSRC investigation onto education and comments received from the public Released on 23 November Advice to bankers of Letter of the Comptroller of the Currency to national banks in the United Kingdom.

National Treasury. Budget Review. Afrikaans en die Kaapse Moesliem-gemeenskap vandag: Referaat gelewer tydens die Roots-konferensie. Afrikaans-Engels kodewisseling: 'n instrument vir die effektiewe hantering van multitalige en multikulturele situasies. Afrikaanse SkryfGoed Afrikaanse Speltoetser 3. Afrikaanse Taalboek: praktiese wegwijser bij die vernaamste moeilikhede in verband met die Afrikaanse Grammatika. Afrikaansmediumonderrig op skool: Menings van ouers in alle gemeenskappe oor die huidige probleme van onderwys.

Afrikanergeskiedskrywing: Verlede, Hede en Toekoms. Afrikaanse Geskiedskrywing en Letterkunde: Verlede, hede en toekoms. Age at Immigration and the Education Outcomes of Children. Algemene en vakleksikografie in die praktyk: referate gelewer tydens n werkwinkel in Pretoria op 16 Junie Algemene genade: uiteenzetting, vergelijking en beoordeling van de opvattingen van A. Kuyper, K. Schilder en Joh. Calvijn over "algemene genade". Alone in the World? Human Uniqueness in Science and Theology.

The Gifford Lectures. Grand Rapids. Ambassadors of reconciliation, Volume 1: New Testament reflections on restorative justice and peacemaking. An International Encyclopedia of Lexicography. An investigation into the implementation of a new curriculum by foundation phase teachers in Bethal Mpumalanga. An open letter to colleagues critical of campus safety and security arrangements, 17 Januarie Antarctic Gondwana tetrapods. Second Gondwana Symposium. Antjie verwoord Afrika in skitterende stukke vers verslae van ons stuk brakland en die liefde, so 'n 'dun woord'.

Anxiety symptoms in South African youths: their assessment and relationship with stressful life events: MA dissertation. Stellenbosch: Stellenbosch University. Apartheid's enduring legacy: Inequalities in education Referaat gelewer by Oxford Universiteit. Are academic opinions about romance all negative? All about romance: the back fence for lovers of romance novels. Are you ready for e-Learning?

Ars Industrialis association internationale pour une politique industrielle des technologies de l'esprit: Ars Industrialis: association internationale pour une politique industrielle des technologies de l'esprit. Ars industrialis Association internationale pour une politique industrielle des technologies de l'esprit: Ars industrialis: A manifesto for the promotion of an industrial politics of spirit. Artikelen waarin een filosofische werkvorm beschreven is, zijn voorzien van een astrix; de werkvorm is aan het einde van referentie binnen vierkante haken aangegeven.

Assessing the independence of twelve central banks in the Southern African Development Community. Research Report for National Research Foundation. Backchannels on the front lines: Emergent use of social media in the Southern California wildfires. Baptism in the Holy Spirit: A re-examination of the New Testament teaching on the gift of the Spirit in relation to Pentecostalism today. Bearing Witness or the Vicissitudes of Listening.

Belangrikheid van ter sake inligting wat betyds aan munisipale besluitnemers beskikbaar gestel moet word. Beleid oor inligtingsekuriteit vir gebruikers van inligting: IS Soos gewysig op 2 Oktober en goedgekeur op 18 Februarie Methodologische recepten en andere vooronderstellingen en vooroordelen in de moderne literatuurwtenschap. Beyond Two Communities: The co-production of research, policy and practice in collaborative public health settings. Beyond the Dollar.

Boer en Barbaar, of die Geskiedenis van die Voortrekkers tussen die jare en verder van die Kaffernasies met wie hulle in aanraking gekom het. Breaking the grip of Poverty and Inequality in South Africa Current trends, issues and future policy options. Breaking through the language barrier - "kaapse afrikaans": a tool to effect change in society.


Bridging the digital divide - ICT solutions supporting economic and social developmentt for the unseen majority. Brief aan Beatrix en 22 andere opstellen over de roman en romanbeschouwing: Speciaal dubbelnummer over de roman. Briewe uit ou Transvaal. Vertaal en ingelei deur Ena Jansen.

Gedichtanalyse am Beispiel - Georg Heym - Gott der Stadt

Kaapstad ens. Bringing into captivity every thought: capita selecta in the history of Christian evaluations of non-Christian philosophy. Bringing to captivity every thought: capita selecta in the history of Christian evaluations of non-Christian philosophy. Building integrated professional development systems in early childhood: recommendations for states. Building social capital: The importance of entrepreneurial social infrastructure.

Available from. Canons and connections: A Network Theory approach to the study of literary systems with specific reference to Afrikaans poetry. Capacity building at the grassroots: piloting organisational development of community-based organisations in South Africa. Challenges and opportunities of educational leadership research and practice: the state of the field and its multiple futures.

Changes in U. Federal Reserve Bulletin, Changing dynamics in the governance of education: A comparative analysis of emerging issues and reforms in the BRICS countries.

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Christ and the decree: Christology and predestination in Reformed theology from Calvin to Perkins. Christus as hoof van kerk en kosmos. Civil service restructuring in developing countries: Leadership and social transformation in the public sector. Volumes I and II.

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College international, philosophie. Communication and confrontation: a philosophical appraisal and critique of modern society and contemporary thought. Communication from the commission to the Council, the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social committee and the Committee of the regions: First Annual Report on migration and integration. Communism as a method of instigating world revolution and domination: Papers read at the National Congress to combat Communism. Comparative perspectives on language and literacy: Selected papers from the work of the Language and Literacy Commission of the 10th World Congress of Comparative Education Societies.

Comparing service quality performance with customer service quality needs: Servqual. Comparison of operating results of producing gold mines members of the chamber, from chamber of mines quarterly analysis of working results, for the period January-March compared with the same period in Ongepubliseerde M. Conceptual and operational guidelines for the implementation of inclusive education: district-based support teams. Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents Research, assessment and intervention.

Consensus study on the state of the humanities in South Africa. Status, prospects and strategies". Consumer price index - detailed weights: historical metropolitan and other urban areas. Corporate Social responsibility in the 21st Century, debates, models and practices across governance, law and business. Could the twin deficits jeopardize US hegemony? Roundtable on "Twin defi cits, growth and stability of the US economy",. Country priorities. Crisis in the Reformed Churches; essays in commemoration of the Synod of Dordt, Crowdsourcing: using cross-cultural competency gained from the global proficiency programme to better understand Facebook's Spanish translation.

Cultural Issues in Classroom: Bulgarian teachers and their Roma students. Cultural evolutionary modeling of patterns in language change: Exercises in evolutionary linguistics. Vollenhoven: Ancient philosophical conceptions in problem-historical lay-out, 6th century B. With an introduction by A. Vollenhoven: Schematische Kaarten, filosofische concepties in probleemhistorisch verband.

Vollenhoven: Schematische Kaarten; filosofische concepties in probleemhistorisch verband. DG's kry meer as R maar dis staatsdiens se "voetvolk" wat die grootste probleme gee. Dagboek van Louis Trigardt Met inleiding en aantekeninge deur Gustav S. Met inleiding en aantekeninge van Gustav S. Tweede, verbeterde uitgaaf. Ons Geskiedenis-Serie. Danida's international humanitarian assistance programme: A case study of accountability mechanisms. De Geest, Dirk e.

Under Construction. Links for the Site of Literary Theory. Essays in Honour of Hendrik van Gorp. De Invloed van Nederlandop de ontstaan en ontwikkeling van de Staatsinstellingen der Z. Republiek tot De eer van God en de heil van de mens: bijdragen tot het verstaan van de theologie van Johannes Calvijn naar zijn Institutie. De ondergang van een wereld: historisch-oeconomische studie over de oorzaken van den Anglo-Boer oorlog : met een naschrift over de waarschijnlijke toekomst van Zuid-Afrika. De ontbinding van de substantie: Een deconstructie van de beginselen van vorm en materie in de ontologie en de kenleer van Thomas van Aquino.

De strijd tegen apartheid: The role of the anti-apartheid organisations in the Netherlands, De weg naar Monomotapa. Nederlandstalige representaties van geografische, historische en sociale werkelijkheden in Zuid-Afrika. De weg naar Monomotapa: Nederlandstalige representaties van geografische, historische en sociale werkelijkheden in Zuid-Afrika.