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I was just preparing to run this trilogy and wanted to clarify something. For the final encounter, I am reading it right that the EB cannot physically attack AND the players cannot physically attack it until all Mindwitnesses are down? Its HP pool is small, so I guess that that is the implication if the group has learnt anything from the earlier part of the adventure and Mindwitnesses. Aaron N. Part 3 of the Dreamers. Now you have to end the mystery. Great concept behind the trilogy. Great monsters to fight.

By now, your party should realize what they need to buff themselves with, so expect your [ JVC P. Read my full review for Dream Walkers here. See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. DMs Guild. Guild Adept. Tomb of Annihilation. Tales from the Yawning Portal. Storm King's Thunder. Curse of Strahd. Elemental Evil.

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DREAM WALKER III - Zakynthos [Rope Jumping - no limit expedition]

Pulp Action. Dark Sun. Forgotten Realms. We all love Pat. He's the glue for the band. Cullyn Murdock seemed relaxed and happy. Her cover of Comfortably Numb was just scintillating and we'll be playing that one when we perform. I'm having a great time with our originals and covers, as we are bringing forward a few new original songs. The band is starting to really reconstitute and gel. We plan to play our by mid July and will keep everyone posted.

We have never met in person, so I did not know what to expect when I asked him to review our album, except honesty. Dreamwalkers, with brilliant original music lead by co-founder, guitarist, writer Richard Schulman Dr Dreamwalker , with an equally immensely talented band consisting of co-founder Jeff Hocker, Tony Sheppard, Culynn Murdock, Debbie Stern and Pat Russini, puts out music that is beautifully inspiring and spiritually uplifting.

With the Dreamwalkers, the music transcends the sound and message as better as ever in a time when it's needed more than ever! They were joined by Tony Sheppard, Culynn Murdock, and myself. We played a number of our originals and a few covers. It took a little while for us to knock the rust off, but by the end of our practice, things were gelling very strongly and we worked hard and had great fun, "Hard Fun. We are happy to be playing again, and although we will miss Jeff Hocker, Bart is moving into the role with grace and skill.

He's got a different vibe than Jeff, but the band seems to easily flow with him. Join our Dreamwalkers Family mailing list for the latest news. Sign up. Latest News. Peace, Dr Dreamwalker. Hello Dreamwalkers out there, It's summer and people are traveling. Hi Dreamwalkers Family and Friends, We met for rehearsal in our new rehearsal space and had another great time. Hey Dreamwalkers. Using words to share wordless experiences is difficult. The most straightforward way I can describe shapeshifting - for me - is to say, "shifting my shape - putting aside form human limitations - into sacred knowing".

Masquerade of the Dream Walkers

It can be through the teachings of animal spirits or any other image. It is part story and part definition of some of the terms I commonly use. These are terms I frequently forget that others may be unfamiliar with these terms. A Shaman is one of many terms to describe those individuals who activate the wisdom that lies outside the mind.

A Shaman brings the unconscious into conscious awareness. The Shaman as an individual is evident in various cultures all the over the world. Shamanism is a worldwide practice. This is only a partial list to demonstrate the scope. The ecstatic experience of moving into and out of non-ordinary realities at will, the use healing skills, ancient memories, future knowledge, and expanded powers are all states of being that are experienced routinely by Shamans world over.

These experiences and abilities define the term Shaman. Shamans may be male or female. Some tribes and cultures have only male Shamans. Others have only female Shamans. Still others have both male and female Shamans. The Shaman may be a medical person, a healer, a religious leader, a priest or cleric. One may be a master over fire, a master of magical flight, a shape changer. Another may be a seer of the future, a prophet, a knower of wisdom of the ages. The Shaman may have any or all of these characteristics. They are spiritual teachers, elders of a tribe.

They are traditionally the wise old ones, both men and women. A Shaman works with tremendous powers and vast experience, but does not seek power over others. The Shaman represents power over self, the conquest of fear and doubt. Recognizing that the worst has already happened many times over frees the Shaman to enter directly into life.

One fully enters this life with mastery, and develops as master of the spirit realm as well as over non-ordinary states and realities. They undergo ceremonial self exploration to gain awareness and to expand skills and powers. They utilize their knowledge, power, and experience for the benefit of the tribe and others.

Their powers work in combination with the natural and supernatural powers of the earth and the universe.

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The Shaman recognizes earth ties we each have, the power and wisdom stored in the earth and it's elements. He uses this Earth Mother knowledge in shamanistic feats and ceremonies. He acknowledges the interdependence and interconnectedness of all things. In the shamanistic realm this information is fact not conjecture, reality not fantasy.

The relationship to all sentient beings, plants, rocks, animals and spirits, is part of the cooperative efforts of life. Calling on the powers of Father Sky, Earth Mother, Ancient ancestors, Spirit guides and others is a part of their prayers. They all are aspects of the Great Spirit, parent of all, the absolute source.

The Shaman recognizes that everything is sacred The Shaman is aware of memories from another time and place. This may be past, future or alternate realities memories. This is knowledge is from an unrecognized source, "I just know". Many peoples of the world understand this wisdom as the collective unconscious Carl Jung's term , the storehouse of all that has ever been or will be. The shamanic journey aids in recalling these "other time" memories.

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On my personal quest for awareness, I have been on many journeys using varied paths and methods. Awareness of this wisdom may come in a stream of thought, a voice of higher mind, or a channeling of words from the source of wisdom. This knowledge may come in the form of internally heard words or in the form of visions. It may come from other realities. Moving from this ordinary reality to other non-ordinary realities freely and comfortably is the most recognizable characteristic of shamanism.

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The Shaman of old as well as today's Shaman works with assurance, acceptance, and power in the reality of each moment. At the same time he is exerting influence of the events on the future. Through vision quest, dance, drumming, chanting, and journeying, the Shaman weaves from place to place and time to time. He shifts in and out of the here and now to actively seek alternate realities and the wisdom that can be gained there. The title Shaman implies competence and ability, authenticity and knowledge of shamanic skills and powers through one's actions and deeds. The Shaman has overcome fear, including the fear of death.

Traditionally, a part of Shamanic initiation has included the experience of self death. They each suffered the agonies of their own death, the pain of their rebirth or reconstruction. They have stretched their parameters and beliefs into new realms. They are no longer limited by ordinary boundaries set by the current culture and thought. The thoughts and actions of the ordinary individual are left behind in the old life.

Through the initiation process, the Shaman has stepped up and beyond common existence into unique experience. He has brought that knowledge into his essence, his belief, and his behavior. Accepting the mystical calling of shamanism involves a separation from familiar life. There is often a loneliness due to the differences. Yet, there are new worlds to touch. There are new joys to behold.

In past times, Shamans were generally called to the position by a compelling force during a dream state or on a vision quest dreamwalking. In some cultures the position was hereditary or was bestowed by an existing Shaman on an individual selected to be an apprentice. Today, the Shaman is frequently chosen, by that same force or in the same way.

Nightmare Stalkers and Dream Walkers by Suzie Lockhart

It is a mystical vocation. One is selected directly by the gods or by bloodline as determined by divine choice. In other cases someone chooses to become a Shaman rather than being chosen or selected. They request initiation. If they are judged sincere and willing, then the request is granted. Most frequently, " Shamans are recognized as having expanded powers and knowledge.

Those who are being served designate them as Shaman. It is a title given by other Shaman, by the powers of the Great Spirit and by one's peers. The important aspect is not the point of departure from the ordinary, which is the method of being chosen. It is willingness to answer the call. It is the journey into initiation. It is accepting the responsibility of service. It is incorporating the changes in one's life, living the teachings fully.

It is enduring the training. It is dying to all the old and familiar to leap blindly and eagerly into the "void". In this present time and place, it is learning to live comfortable in a continuing state of "craziness".

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Psychologist, psychiatrist, all mental health workers, artists, writers, poets, philosophers, scientists, are all a bit crazy, and also a bit shamanistic. They must be slightly psychotic or neurotic to see potential, and implement it. They go into these thinking, creative, helping, fields because they see, feel, and hear more than the average person and have the intelligence and the ability to use that extra something. They each were potential neurotics at one point. They entered their field because they see "the more" and because they question their own different-ness.

A Shaman sees, hears, and feels "more". Each shaman passes through one or many neurotic episodes. He undergoes psycho-mental crisis. This experience is an initiation. Some pass through. Others become lost in neurosis or psychosis. The Shamanic path is long, lonely, arduous and sometimes dangerous. One of my personal journeys to distant times and lives But it is more than a memory. When the memory first came into my conscious awareness it was part of my initiation. It was a reminder of how it is to live with shaman wisdom.

A time of woman wisdom, a time when all women had Shaman power, is in the forefront of my mind. I remember being part of this group of powerful women. We were the keepers of the power. This happened long ago, 8, and more years ago in this place called turtle island. We women were the keepers of the secrets. It was a time of great hairy beast and of being in touch with all existence. It was a power time. We women, with the cycles of our bodies, went to a special Woman's Place. We went to return our life blood, our sacredness to the earth. But, we also went to renew our knowledge of life and the earth.

This was how we connected to the earth. We talked of our body rhythms and patterns and those of the earth; of how the cycles formed and reformed to recreate life and seasons. We understood how life begins and ends as part of a process. We also knew how to talk to the earth - and how to listen; how to "be with" the earth.

We understood that all things; people, animals, rocks, spirits, earth and sky; are connected with invisible threads of knowing. We knew how to reach out with our mind and touch one another. Dreamwalker, We could dream a person to us , call them and bring them to us. We knew how to bond our energies and use our combined understanding and power to tell our mother the earth what we needed and wanted.

And because we understood and because we were a part of earth, she answered. Our power and the earth power were shared. We knew each other. The men believed the women to be separate and apart during their monthly time. So, they left us to our time and our place and to our actions. We were separate, this was our special time. It was our time of coming together for sacredness, and for ritual and ceremony.

To the men, it was as if the women had disappeared for a period of time. And we did disappear from their sight and from their thoughts. And they disappeared from ours. We left them to their tasks: hunting, and fighting, of proving their man-ness. Because the young girls were in the care of women, the girls also went to the woman's place. That is how their training began. They learned of their bodies, of the ways of time and thought and of great secrets very early in life.

They learned to "know" before they learned to speak. They could journey the Shamanistic journey before they could walk. When they began to talk, they already knew not to talk of secret 'woman' things. Because the woman's place was never mentioned, and in the minds of the men, did not exist, the wisdom did not extend to the men. Had the men dared to listen, they too would have known the great secrets. The men had their own ways of power.

It came to them through the strength of their leaders, the medicine men and the warriors. When they were in conflict with each other, many died. Often the conflict was about having the most power. It was a time much as it is today, struggling for power over one another. Men used the strength of their bodies, their brawn, their cunning, the power earned in the tribe, and their position as men.

The women knew with their spirit what the earth knew. They learned from the "life force of the Universe". They had the wisdom of time and of the earth. They used what they knew quietly and secretly, for the good of the tribe. However, their wisdom, could not counter the force of the men, or the patterns and cycles of life and death. Because we listened, we women knew things before they happened. We knew when the seasons would change, when danger was near, when illness was coming. We knew the feel of death, the birth of children, the movement of the animals that fed and clothed us.

We knew the time of the first snow and the coming of storms. Many times we could talk to the Mother Earth and She would help our people. Other times, the only way She could help was through the comfort that came with understanding. We knew then, as we do now that the valleys as well as the mountains are part of the earth patterns, and that death is part of life. The day came when a young warrior, preparing for a long hunt, missed his love.

She was in her moon time and had gone to the woman place with the other women. He thought of the taboo, and what might happen. Still, he wanted one last touch to remember on the hunt. His desires overcame the tribal laws. He came quietly and softly in the night, late, after the men had become quiet and begun to dream of successes with the hunt. The night sky was filled with the light of the full moon. It was a time for the moon to share her wisdom with the earth. The women listened eagerly to what the moon and the earth and their energies told them.

The heartbeat of the earth and the pulse of the moon merged with the beat of their drums and the patterns of their chanting voices. They talked openly about all they had learned in their journeys of that night. What the young man heard as he hid just outside that special place was a song of the future, a song of the coming hunt, a song of the wounded and the dead.

The women talked of the number and kind of the kills. They said prayers for those who would be wounded, calling them by name. They knew who would die on the hunt, and they knew of a girl child to be born while the men were away. They gave her a name honoring the brave hunters and the animal spirits from the hunt. He crept softly back to camp and thought about what he had heard. Deep inside he knew it was all true. It was not until after the hunt, after what he had overheard had been proven, that the young man told the other men what he had heard.

Some believed him, others didn't. He was berated for breaking the rules. Yet, all the hunters had begun to notice the strangeness of the animal's behavior and had felt the tremors of the earth. The mammoths seemed to feel the end nearby and had stood still waiting for death. The land pulsed with a different heartbeat. The air had a new and frightening feel to it. The mood had been set. Change had begun. All creation was on the edge of change. It was the newborn girl-child that finally convinced the men that the women were the cause of the unrest. The men held council many days, going deep into the hills.

The women believed they were recounting the deeds of the hunt, bragging to each other. The women were busy preparing the meat from the kills, and gave little thought to the actions of the men. No women were in the woman place and they all allowed their "wisdom selves" to forget. The contacts had broken.

The end had begun. The new beginning was still far in the future. I understood the woman wisdom. It was carried in the cells of my body, in my inner knowing. I lived part of my life with the women and the others of the tribe. I took no mate and had no children.

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