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The pattern is a simple chevron stitch with color changes. These bacon strips are quite large; each one is approximately 12 inches long. These are part of a larger bacon and eggs scarf project I am working on.

Bacon Crochet Scarf

One ball of each is enough to make 6 bacon strips. Hook used: 5. With Linen, Chain Row 1 — Dc in 3rd ch from hook. Row 2 — Join Cranberry. Ch 3, turn.

Dc in 1st st. Row 3 — Join Linen.

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Repeat row 2. Repeat row 2 three times. Fasten off and weave in ends. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. Attach and chain 3 in beginning double crochet, 2 more double crochets in same space, skip two, 3 double crochets, skip two, etc etc, end in same fashion as above. There might be a better way to make a scarf, but to just continue the rows flattens it out.

Hope this is helpful! The scarves turn out super cute by the way!

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My new favorite stitch! Thank you again for the great tutorial! Thank tou so much for this post! Love it!! Greets from Belgium Jacqueline. Thanks for the instructions, you make it look so easy!

How To Crochet A Bacon Scarf

Ironically, the same yarn I have to practice with is the yarn you used :. Very cute and using cotton yarn with a sparkly thread through it makes a very cute icicle too. Also, if you use just a plain cotton yarn in white, you can lightly spray adhesive on it and then sprinkle fine glitter on it. Do you know the calculation of the length of the first chain to the finished curlicue length based on worsted weight yarn?

Yes it about the same length I like the technique but how do you attach it onto a scarf. I made one for my daughter and they were falling off when she wore it to school. You could tie them on very tightly, but if it is not staying on, you could always sew them on using the top edge of the curlicue. Just a few stitches and it should be OK. Hope that helps! When I was very young in the early 's my grandmother used to make these and have two connected by a piece of yarn in the middle. My mom would use them in place of ribbons for my ponytails. Thanks for showing me how to do them. I never knew.

Around 30 years ago, I made candy cane Christmas ornaments by doing 5 double crochets to each chain. I makes a tighter spiral, which you can then insert a pipe cleaner through the center of and bend into the shape of a cane. I made them in red with a row of white single crochet for a border which gave it the candy cane effect. I also made them with variegated Christmas yarns. And, like Anonymous above , my grandmother used to make hair ribbons for me with curlicues on each end.

I made this and used it for a cat toy. Dory loves it. Thanks for the tutorial.

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Yes this is very cute and fun to do. I've done tons of them in the past. Normally I make the straggler long so I can use that end as a bookmark, and then the curly part to hang out of the book. I add a long tail at the end and the googly eyes and such at the top. Makes a great book mark. I am new to crocheting sorry if this is a stupid question.

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Great question! When making a curlicue, you'll make your starting chain as long as you'd like the finished curlicue to be, and then add three more chains to that. Mine happened to be 20 chains long, then I added three to that I hope that helps! My Mom used to make these as pony tail ties for me as a child.

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Only difference was, halfway through it she would single crochet for about 8 stitches. That way there was a flat space to tie it! Thanks for the simple instructions I used it to add flare to my flower embellishment for my daughter's shrug. I'm wanting to make a cirlique border for a baby-toddler-preschool blanket I just made for my grandson. I can't picture having them along the top of the blanket It would drive a person nuts I think. Do you know of any instances where these were used to be an afghan border? Or any idea of what sounds practical? Three sides? All 4? I just can't picture it, but know he'd be comforted twirling one round his fingers while falling asleep.

I think a blanket for a little one would be adorable! If you're concerned about it being too much, you could always make the curlicues shorter start with a shorter starting chain. My neighbor made these when I was young I'm 54 now. She made 2 of them and crocheted a long chain between them. My mom would put my hair up in a pony tail or pig tails, then wrap the curlicue chain around the tail and tie a bow.

The curlicues hung down as the tails on the bow. Really cute and fun in different colors to match outfits. Thank you for lovely information.