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I gently nudged her toward the exit with the broom handle and took a couple of pictures as she sat there oh so very still. Once I had my photos, I went back inside to leave her alone and to eat my breakfast.

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About fifteen minutes later, I went back out to retrieve my materials, and she was indeed gone and not back in the well; I did check! I do understand that for a rabbit, life will be filled with various dire threats, like getting eaten by a fox.

Rabbits Falling in Window Well Compilation

However, I feel really bad about an animal falling into my window well and being trapped there just to starve to death after many days. We may not save every life, but we are always called to do the right thing whenever we have the opportunity and means to do so. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Cada: Backyard baby bunnies teach look, don’t touch wildlife lesson – The Denver Post

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Notify me of new posts via email. A light at the end of the fiber… The quest for a PhD. Lulu spent her night learning to put her claws into the screen door and slide it open — reducing her time on the inside to about eight hours. We had made such a fuss about the first bunny that she brought us another. This time we let the cat go and followed her right to the nest: a squirming mass of furry cuteness with seven tiny, twitching noses.

Fact Sheets about Bunnies

We set the two catnapped victims on top of the pile, and they burrowed down happily beneath the others. That should have been the end of it, but they were just so adorable — and seemingly helpless. Wildlife experts agree that it is quite normal for adult animals to leave their young in a safe place while they go forage for food.

Mama bunnies come to the nest only twice a day to feed their babies. But how hard it is for 6- and 8-year-old girls to leave alone a pile of baby bunnies? How about their year-old mother? Once the girls saw me do it, all bets were off. This can result in true abandonment of healthy offspring. As cute as wildlife is and this goes for those adorable begging chipmunks, too, by the way , we have to resist — sometimes their lives depend on it.

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Growing up in the Foothills outside of Loveland, we fished a lot of things out of our swimming pool, including a young deer. After trying many deterrents, my parents rigged up a motion detector that would blare talk radio. Apparently the deer in their neighborhood are liberals, because they ran away the fastest when Rush Limbaugh was on. Down in La Veta several summers ago, they took similar measures when they started electrifying the Dumpsters to keep the bears out. I did this on mine and it was 40 bucks for the blocks and about 30 minutes in labor per window.

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