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The aluxes pronounced ah-lu-shes , had a strong tie to their creator. Once they were created, they were offered prayer and offerings to make them come to life. The aluxes were known to be faithful to their owners and mischievous with strangers. When the properties of their owners were passed down to others, the aluxes would come out and scare the children. To please them, the new owners would have to give them food , cigarettes , honey , and corn. Today, the aluxes continue to take care of the mayan towns.

A Home for Sally written by Stenetta Anthony

Some original clay figurines can be found in the Dzitnup and Samula cenotes , near the city of Valladolid. Some people believe that the aluxes are here to bring light to the world. The creatures are hardly ever seen as they are agile and light, like the wind. The Mayans believe that if respected, the aluxes will protect you and will take care of your properties. Pronounced eesh-ta-bai, this legend tells the story of two beautiful sisters. One of them was known as the sinner and the other as the good one.

The first one was not wanted because she gave herself to love, but in reality was loved by the sick and the weak ones. The second one was appreciated by the town, but in the interior she was rigid and incapable of loving those around her. Her tomb was surrounded by beautiful, colorful flowers and from that place a sweet smell filled the air. Then Utz-Colel the good women died. As fast as she died, her body started to emit a disgusting smell and all the flowers around her grave died.

She lures them to her and then she kills them. She waits for them by the ceiba trees as she combs her hair with a brush made out of tzacam.

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Sac-Nicte means white flower. Canek means black serpent, a brave prince with a kind heart.

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When he turned 21 years of age, he was chosen as king of Chichen Itza. That same day he met princess Sac-Nacte. She was 15 years of age. Both quickly fell in love; however Sac-Nicte was destined to be married with young Ulil, prince of Uxmal. The legend says that a young adviser to the princess told Canek that Sac-Nicte would be waiting among green flowers and that it would be necessary to fight for her, before destiny fought against them. The day of the wedding, Canek arrived with 60 of his best warriors and climbed to the altar screaming Itzalan!

As if he was in the battlefield and stole the princess from the altar. Ulil, enraged, launched a war: Mayapan and Uxmal against Izta. The itzaes abandoned their homes and temples in Chichen Itza. Leading the way was King Canek, hand-in-hand with his beloved Sac-Nicte. The Uxmal and Mayapan armies found an empty Chichen Itza , left dead, abandoned by its citizens.

Uxmal is pronounces ush-mal. The legend says that a long time ago in the ancient Mayan city, there lived an ancient woman that worked as an oracle in the city. The woman was unable to conceive children and therefore asked the god Chic Chan to bring her the shell of a large turtle. A few months later, a tiny green dwarf with red hair was born. One day, the dwarf decided to make a large gourd, which would serve as a kind of rattle.

There was a prophecy that said that people who played a similar instrument would become the new king. The king at the time became angry and challenged the dwarf to a dual. He had three tests for the dwarf. For the first test, he asked the dwarf the number of trees in his palace. The dwarf succeeded. For the second test, the king asked the dwarf to bring a turkey male to lay eggs. The next day, the dwarf brought a man who appeared to be pregnant, to prove that it was impossible to do the same with the turkey. The judges gave him the points. In the third test, the king asked Saiya to place a kind of hickory on his head to be broken with a spearhead.

Not only was he able to pass the test, but the dwarf asked the king underwent the same experiment. The king died because of his pride and so the little man was proclaimed as king. Visit the Riviera Maya and experience Mayan culture firsthand. I needed this for a report that I have to get a good grade on.

I love these stories! They have helped me a lot for a school project.

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I loved these stories, they really helped me on my I-Search report. I think that these are really good legends. The grass shrivelled up and turned a pale grey. Rivers and pools dried up. All day long animals scurried around looking for food and finding nothing. Mr Tortoise was getting desperate. Every day he woke up to the sound of his wife and children crying.

How the tortoise got its scars second version Once upon a time there was a wedding in the sky. The bride and groom invited all the animals in the whole land.

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Those who had wings and could fly obviously would have no problem attending but those …. Monkey lived on the branches of an old mangrove tree, right on the spot where the land ends and the sea begins. He liked living here. There were lots of other animals to talk to and play with, most of them much smaller than he was, which he particularl …. Once upon a time there lived a hunter called Ajakasi.

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Many hunters lived in his village. Some hunters used guns, some used bows and arrows, others used sticks and cutlasses to do their hunting. Ajakasi went on a hunting expedition early one morning.

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  4. Hare was a very vain creature. He was always going around putting o …. Once upon a time there was a chief in a village near the bush. This man had many sons, and one of them was the best hunter in the whole land. Whenever he went out hunting, he always managed to bring back much more meat than any of the other hunters in …. Once upon a time there was a town where all the people were exceedingly lazy. Once upon a time there lived a very great and honourable chief called Gbeyor.

    Conservative Bedtime Stories

    He had a daughter called Gbeofia, meaning queen of beauty. Gbeyor had given this name to his daughter because she was the most beautiful girl in the whole village. When she h …. Once upon a time there lived a woman whose name was Aftermath. She had one daughter, whose name was Akuvi. Her husband had died when the girl was still very young. If Aftermath asked h …. Long ago a man called Kofi Amero lived in a village called Amero Kopfhi. The village was named after him because in those days he was the wealthiest man in the whole area.

    Because of that all her husbands kept leaving her.