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All in all, it continues Buccellato's weaker run on the series after he took over as the main writer, though the second volume of Year Four is a good return to form. Not quite up to the standard set by the last writer, but still one of my favorite DC series so far. Year 3 was very magic-focused, with John Constantine being the prime mover; things change up a little in year four, with the emphasis shifting to the gods of Olympus.

Batman and his remainin faction seem a little more wishy-washy than they have in years past, but hopefully that will pick up a little in the second part of Year Four. Even a less-than-perfect Injustice:Gods Among Us run stands head and shoulders above some of the other titles that have been put out there. Compra verificada.

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I like the Injustice comics much more than I liked the Injustice game. The story is very much akin to Marvel's Civil War in that it pits hero against hero in a philosophical and very violent war. The difference here is that the deaths are frequent and lasting given that it's an elseworlds type deal, the creative freedom afforded to the writers is a refreshing change of pace. This gives each sacrifice gravitas, even those that are mentioned or shown in the game, which has left me impressed and anxiously waiting to see what happens next. While previous volumes have had their highs and lows in terms of quality, they have all been pretty consistently compelling.

In particular, Year 3 Volume 2 stands as a high point for me given that it caused both sides to come together again even momentarily to stop a reality-ending event. It's also fun to see John Constantine run circles around Batman. Everything felt deliberate and everything made sense within the context of the Injustice universe. In a way, the previous volume seemed to herald the beginning of the end, a segway toward fitting the universe more closely to that of the game.

Unfortunately, Year 4 Volume 1 falls very far from its predecessor and, for me, any previous Injustice volume. The problem is that the conflict doesn't feel weighty. Gone is the drama, replaced instead by what feels like filler and a cheap attempt to pull a fast one on readers. Spoilers ahead. Wonder Woman fights Superman. For about a minute. Ironically, this fight is advertised right on the cover of the book, already making the twist weaker. And then it's not even a twist!

She doesn't want to fight! If nothing else, I suppose this volume served more to demonstrate Superman's further descent into the tyrannical overlord presented in the game. What disappointed me most was that the idea of Wonder Woman changing sides now was quite compelling, as she ultimately has to end up BACK on Superman's side. This could have been a tremendous arc, and one that would have offered Diana a chance to really shine, even if she was just spying as cheap as that would be.

At best it would put her in a position where she is forced to examine her loyalty to Kal and how far she is really willing to follow him down this increasingly darkening path. But this is not the case. This book does little to move the overall story forward. Superman becomes more of a tyrant, but nothing else changes. There are a few deaths which all fall totally flat dramatically speaking as well as an attempt to humanize Damian and Batman , but that resolution occurs too quickly and makes Damian look like a dumb punk instead of the brash-but-loveable scamp from the main continuity.

In short, this volume of Injustice feels like filler, more so even than the actual filler content. And, to me, that's a crying shame. As it stands, Injustice is a single continuity, which I really like, but it also means that if you are a fan, you cannot skip this entry. Buy it, reluctantly, and hope the next one is better. Story is getting a little repetative, but still good enough to read. The characters are interesting and complex, and I had such confused feelings about Superman in this. Worth it though if you are looking to complete the whole series. Ir a Amazon.

The powerless vigilantes like Huntress, Batwoman, Green Arrow, and so on. He wants to bring him in alive, but then Wonder Woman arrives and chops open his neck. While mocking Superman for no longer being selfless, Captain Atom makes sure to fly to space and drags Superman with him. Wonder Woman follows but the explosion blasts her back to Earth and puts her in a coma for over a year. The whole first volume leads up to this moment. The government betrays him. Batman betrays him. Wonder Woman is gravely injured.

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Green Arrow shoots an arrow at Superman and it deflects. Although Ollie dies, he does at least fire an arrow with a super pill tacked onto it. When Superman comes down from his rage, he refuses to take responsibility and blames Batman for this death as well. The two end up together and return for Injustice 2. Green Lantern Kyle Rayner missed out on the whole Superman situation because he was off Earth for an entire year. As he goes back to check up on everything, including his girlfriend who may or may not be pieces of broken meat in his fridge.

Normally, Superman, Shazam, and Hawkgirl would be able to take on an army of those guys themselves, but the Corps has an ace in their sleeve that nobody expected. With Superman back in action, the Green Lanterns have no choice but to surrender. Then, from the Justice League satellite, he looks at the beauty of Earth and says his goodbyes to Barbara and Batman.

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Superman, on the other hand, has the Sinestro Corps at his disposal. There are many casualties on both sides. John Stewart is in the middle of it all.

Guy is overwhelmed and begs Hal to get a hold of himself. During the Injustice 2 comic, Hal constantly sees Guy standing nearby, cracking wise, as a manifestation of Hal's guilt. The death of a random Sinestro Corps member causes the loose ring to find a replacement in Superman. A pissed off Injustice Superman and a yellow wishing ring are the makings for a pretty bad day and he proves his power by slamming Ganthet into Mogo and pushing them both into the sun.

The annual issue came out after the entirety of Year Three , but it takes place before it, filling in some of the blanks. Batman hires the two-in-one duo of Dr. Occult and Rose as his agents with the mission of neutralizing Raven and Wonder Woman. Occult finds and assaults Raven, but she is quick to burn him to death with Hellfire. Rose is separated from the charred body. John Constantine — who had been stalking the mystics — appears and helps take Raven down. Her final words are a failed attempt to tell Batman not to trust Constantine.

Immediately after, Constantine appears and robs her body of magic trinkets. Batman recruits a handful of magic users to help his cause. Detective Chimp, who mentions having worked with Gordon in the past, gets through to him and convinces him to stay. Jason Blood steps in to do the same and begins to summon Etrigan to take his place. Constantine briefly captures Superman with the help of Ragman. Deadman possesses the body of Shazam in order to save Constantine and talk some sense into the Spectre. Spectre pulls out his giant sword and cuts through Deadman, wounding his soul.

Deadman goes to his boss Rama Kushna, who cannot save him. Deadman chooses someone to take his place. In his final moments, Boston Brand transfers his power into the soul of Dick Grayson, who gladly takes on the Deadman mantle. Spectre strikes against him, strangling Stranger while shoving him through the entirety of Saturn. Hence all the smiling and Joker-like gestures.

How Are The Injustice Comics Released?

He calls to teammate Klarion the Witch Boy to teleport them out of there, but before anything can be done, Sinestro blasts Klarion to death with his yellow ring. Superman and Wonder Woman yell at Sinestro, which gives Batman and Constantine a moment to discuss their next contingency. Showing that you either go big or go home, Constantine summons Trigon to distract Superman and friends.

As the heroes escape, Detective Chimp refuses to follow. As he tells Harley, he was conjured by Klarion in the first place. With Klarion gone, Chimp will soon cease to exist. Harley, who has become attached to the little guy, hugs him until he vanishes. The rest of Year Three sort of spins its wheels until it gets to the final issue.

Mxyzptlk in the background. Huntress and Batwoman — both powered up with super pills — team up on Superman until Wonder Woman steps in. What do you expect? Instead, this kill ends up being a bizarre editorial mystery, best explained with the next entry. A few years ago, there was a pretty big news story regarding DC editorial. They just hate ALL marriage! Which is stupid for other reasons, but whatever. Tom Taylor, writer of Injustice at the time, had a one-panel scene showing that in this universe, Batwoman and Renee Montoya who at the very least were an item in main continuity are married back as of Year Two.

Brian Buccellato took over during Year Three and, as mentioned, killed off Huntress. She starts drinking heavily. She calls up an ex to give a tearful goodbye, and goes on a suicide run to kill the ones responsible. Over Huntress. She has zero interaction with Batwoman her wife , and even when Montoya dies, Batwoman barely has any reaction. Oh, right. The actual death. Renee Montoya overdoses on super pills and calls out Superman for a public fight, beating on him until her heart gives out. Year Four is about the Greek Gods stepping in to clown Superman and take over.

This leads to a battle between the gods and Superman's regime. The heavy hitter is Hercules, who easily defeats Hal Jordan and then fights off both Wonder Woman and Superman, batting the latter into space. Shazam shows up and finally brings the demigod down. Hercules awaits his death, but Shazam refuses to commit murder.

In the end of this volume, both sides of the Injustice conflict join forces to fight the gods. Artemis shoves her queen out of the way and takes the blast herself. The annual is a delightful prison break story starring Plastic Man as he tries to rescue his activist son, Offspring. Turns out the Justice League has placed all of the super criminals in an underwater prison with Metamorpho as the warden. Plas sneaks around and gets help from inmate Kilowog, who starts a riot by headbutting Bane.

Superman and his heavy hitters appear outside the glass bubble protecting the prison, and it looks like all is lost. Outside the bubble, Sinestro freaks out and, despite the warnings of Jordan, blasts through the bubble and shoots through Kilowog before he can be a threat. Superman gets some unlikely help from Bane, who This frees Superman up to go bail out his buddies by grabbing Parasite and flinging him into the sun.

Bizarro, not really understanding who or what he is, grabs Trickster and flies away to get answers. The Gotham detective starts his own anti-Regime group called the Joker Underground to rally against Superman and maybe do some terrorist stuff. The Trickster tries to help Bizarro figure things out and makes an attempt to teach him how to keep his powers in check.

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Year Two (The Complete Story)

For instance, when Bizarro sneezes, he definitely needs to cover his face, as the alternative almost kills Trickster. Trickster is mad at first, blaming himself for not being able to convey his thoughts better to the big lug, but is able to get over it. He and Bizarro are family.

A beat later, Bizarro sneezes. This time he remembers to put his hands over his face. It just takes him a moment to realize that he dropped Trickster onto the side of a mountain. Luthor gets Bizarro to enter the Fortress of Solitude, where he has Doomsday waiting. Then Superman shows up, making it a three-way battle between Superman, Bizarro, and Doomsday with Luthor in control. He even does both at the end of Year One , when he takes a super pill and kicks the shit out of Superman for destroying his family.

Rather than just laser him on the spot, Superman gets prisoner Mr. Zsasz to escape and take care of Alfred. Zsasz kills Alfred in a knife fight, leaving Damian to discover the body. Luckily, Alfred's death is only temporary. In the Injustice 2 comic, Damian gets access to a Lazarus Pit and chooses to cross the other line Batman refuses. Flash is having a hard time figuring out his place in the world, what with Superman being a total dick, but also making the world safer.

He goes to find Iris, who cut ties with Barry years earlier after his refusal to stand up to Superman. Flash then discovers that she's part of the rebellion as she and her allies are confronted by Regime soldiers Girder and King Shark. Flash has a crisis of conscience and tries to save Iris and the others, though he accidentally kills King Shark by impaling him through the mouth with a broom. Iris is disgusted by Flash's actions and the others refuse to trust him. Iris makes her own stand by surrendering to the Regime. Hawkman visits Earth at one point because he feels Hawkgirl isn't fulfilling her hawk alien cop duties by hanging around Superman.

Hawkman is sent packing and then gets sent on a mission by Batman to pick up some kryptonite in space. Hawkman earns it by offering Mongul thirty seconds of battle. Rather than bring it to Batman so that Superman could be imprisoned, Hawkman decides to fashion a kryptonite mace, which he uses to punk out Superman until the Man of Steel is a bloody and sickly mess.

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The Justice League pops in to disarm Hawkman, but the weakened Superman tells them to back off. Despite being ill from kryptonite poisoning, Superman offers to fight Hawkman one-on-one. Hawkman never stood a chance. Zsasz killed Alfred and much to Damian's dismay, Batman refused to take his life out of revenge. With Zsasz incarcerated, it doesn't take long for the prince of assassins to sneak into his cell unnoticed and torture the criminal.

He demands to know which of Zsasz's many scars represents Alfred. Damian finally finishes his work and we discover that Sinestro allowed this to transpire. The Wikipedia page for Metamorpho at least agrees with me I know, I know Batman and Lex Luthor need some schematics on a Mother Box. Deathstroke takes the contract because he's bored out of his mind in a Superman-ruled society.

After taking out dozens of drones, he gets a real main event fight out of Metamorpho.

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Deathstroke fires a couple metal balls at Metamorpho's head, but he turns gaseous and they fly through. When it looks like Metamorpho has things well in hand and he's about to burn Deathstroke to death, the metal balls are remote controlled to bury themselves into the back of Rex's skull. Deathstroke is promptly taken down by Raven and Cyborg, setting up his first appearance in the game's story mode. In the final issue of the original prequel story, Batman, Batgirl, and Batwoman are trying to open a portal into another world so that they can bring in some non-Regime versions of the Justice League to help out.

While Batman is off dealing with Superman, the two bat ladies are dealing with faulty technology.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Vol. 2 (Collected)

It's the usual trope where some world-saving device isn't working the way it's supposed to and the only way it can is for someone to sacrifice themselves. Batwoman volunteers. By the time Superman realizes that Batman is merely distracting him, he flies over and sees the alternate reality portal working. He fires his heat vision at a screaming Batwoman and After the fact, everyone involved is teleported to a different setting. Batwoman isn't stated to be outright dead, but there is some red coloring on the wall behind where she was. It's not explicitly blood, but Although Golden Glider survives the comic prequel, she's still taken down at some point before the crumbling of the Regime.

They meet up with Lex Luthor, their man on the inside.

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Lex defeats Shazam in battle and blows up the Watchtower, which has Superman inside. Lex calls out Superman and aims his arm-mounted kryptonite gun. Right as Lex is about to make the shot, a hurt Shazam electrocutes him from behind, nixing the plan. Superman tears Lex from the battle armor and is furious that his own best friend betrayed him.

Superman flies off. The endless betrayals and ungratefulness of the public has finally taken its toll. Superman has snapped, falling farther than ever. He wants to raze Metropolis and Gotham to the ground to prove a point. Shazam — who just saved his life, mind you — calls him out on this and labels it insane, claiming the gesture spits on the memory of Lois.